My lifestyle and conscious parenting

As an airport designer I worked all over the world for over 10 years.  One day I decided to only do what I wanted to do. So I quit my job, and set sail with two other sailors on a 2000 mile sailing journey across the Atlantic. It was a feeling of freedom I had never experienced before, which made me decide to start that what I never dared to do: writing books for children in a way that is helpful for them and their parents.

After three years of intense pleasure I needed to make some money again because the kids books sales was not supporting my lifestyle. I started a company barcelonasail that grew into a nice seize boat tour company in Barcelona, Spain.

We do plastic fishing to create awareness on the state of the sea, plastic everywhere.

We developed new electric propulsion system, more economical and much more elegant to help the transformation from diesel to electric propulsion.

We designed a new way of lighting your house with a zero impact lighting solution.  The company developing this concept further is Efigenzia.

All these designs and developments are geared to doing my bit conserving this wonderful world for future generations.

Still I enjoy kids books and I promote and support reading to kids. Dual language picture books are the best, most enjoyable and most natural way to introduce a second language to your child.

I take you on a sailing journey, and report from my ship on my new discoveries on great bilingual books for children, audio books for children and parents and I share a little of my ocean life experience.

We all want the best for our children, we put them to school where they are told that there is only one solution, one good answer. We try to give children a “road map”, however that road map is different for every child.

Parents who want their children to follow their dreams and become the leader of their life, introduce children to a second language as it greatly enhances communication skills that everybody need to express their needs and wants.

In my blog you will find information and thoughts about reading to kids, bilingual books for children and ocean life.

I have written 5 books for kids, “Wally meets Picasso”, “Wally meets Mozart”, and “Wally goes to School”,  “Wally Travels”, “Wally meets Mr. Octo”

I created the community of Wally which works on bilingual books, we donate the book sales to an organization that saves ocean life in Barcelona.



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